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Wood Products

Wood/Pulp and Paper

From wood chips, to particle board, to pulp and paper, Flexco has products that suit the needs of the wood industry every step of the way. 

Flexco Understands Wood/Pulp and Paper

You work with one of the most important natural resources on Earth. We understand how important wood is to the global economy and that downtime is simply not an option. That’s why we manufacture proven product solutions that work with you throughout every step of wood processing. Whether you need an impact bed to protect your belt from dropping logs, or you need cleaners and spray poles to remove the sticky residue from the belt during the chipping process, Flexco has the product for you.

Our non-marking fasteners and maintenance tools also ensure that installation and repairs go smoothly, reducing downtime so your operation is up and running in no time. No matter the challenge, you can count on Flexco to find you the correct solution for your belt conveyor system.  

  • Wood Products
  • Wood Products
  • Wood Products
  • Wood Products

The pulp and paper making process

Flexco’s investment in the pulp and paper industry goes beyond simply providing product solutions. We’ve been working in the pulp and paper industry for years and facing challenges alongside you every day. From the moment those logs are brought in via truck or train, to the moment the paper rolls and pulp bales are shipped out to customers, we’re working to address your pain points and maximize your productivity.

Click the map to learn how we can help your operation run more efficiently.

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    Wood products make up to 47% of all industrial raw materials manufactured in the United States.



    Canada is the largest exporter of wood products, followed by Finland.


    The wood and wood products trade in the international market will reach around $450 billion by the year 2020.

Pulp and paper resources

Solutions for Wood/Pulp and Paper

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