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Discover Airport Belt Conveyor Solutions 

In an industry where moving people is top of mind, Flexco works behind the scenes to ensure baggage conveyors keep moving along with them. 

Flexco Understands Airports

Traveling by airplane is becoming more convenient so more passengers are choosing it to travel. In short, this increase means that airport conveyor systems will be facing an increasing amount of stress. Flexco knows your struggles, which is why we provide solutions that tackle basic jams and rips to complete belt conveyor failure. 

Our main goal is to understand your needs and provide real solutions. By carrying out site visits and walkthroughs, conducting research, and leading conversations, we are able to achieve this goal. In total, this allows us to become your partner in productivity.  

The Flexco name is synonymous with mechanical belt fastening systems. By combining durability and ease-of-use, they have become the standard for many across the airport industry. No matter which MBF you use, we can all but guarantee your airport's baggage belt will keep moving. 

However, mechanical belt fasteners aren't the only option; some prefer to use endless splicing equipment. To address this, we offer the Novitool® Aero® Splice Press. In 10 minutes or less, your workers can perform a full endless belt splice.  

A unique option that we offer to our customers is our training and educational opportunities. Through virtual, in-class, and on-site offerings, we can give workers the tools they need to increase the bottom line. 

Overall, our product offerings help you take down even the most common logistical baggage handling system problems. No matter what you are trying to accomplish at your facility, we have your needs in mind. From utilizing our belt maintenance tools for full belt repair to addressing the most specific transfer points with our Segmented Transfer Plates, Flexco has you covered. 

Looking to add Flexco belt conveyor solutions to your airport's belt loader or your entire baggage handling system? Be sure to view our solutions below or contact a Flexco distributor today. 

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Airport Industry Breakdown

Are you taking advantage of the best available airport belt conveyor products? Are you prepared to address the significant changes coming to the friendly skies?

Our Airport Industry Breakdown goes deep into the world of airport baggage handling systems. Readers of our piece will get a better grasp of what solutions are available to solve common belt conveyor system and conveyor belt loader problems. Give yourself the tools you need to make an impact on your processes today.

Featured Product for Airport Transfer Points 

Negate baggage jams across your baggage handling system with our Segmented Transfer Plates (STP). By attaching them at your BHS conveyor transfer points, luggage smoothly glides through your system to its final destination.

This is especially important as the popularity of the self-bag drop becomes more prevalent. Why? Because passengers are more likely to send their bag into your system with poor bag hygiene, which causes problems down the line.

See why the STP has quickly become a bestseller with our product overview video. 

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