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In an industry where moving people is top of mind, Flexco works behind the scenes to ensure baggage conveyors keep moving along with them.

Flexco Understands Airports

Every day, airports sort and route thousands of pieces of baggage and cargo — and they couldn’t do it without properly functioning belt conveyors. To keep systems running smoothly, Flexco offers a variety of products, including fasteners, endless splicing equipment, segmented transfer plates, and maintenance tools.

For x-ray scanning security belts, Flexco provides two options — endless splicing and non-metallic fasteners. Flexco also understands that transfer points can be especially troublesome, so we offer transfer plate solutions to reduce blockages and longitudinal belt tears and increase safety for employees. 

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    82% of passengers surveyed in 2016 checked-in at least one bag for their last flight.



    Airlines carried a record 3.77 billion passengers during the year 2016.


    In 2016, 47% of delayed bags were in the process of being transferred.

Solutions for Airports

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