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Protein Processing Conveyor Belt Solutions


Improved food safety, reduced product waste, and improved maintenance are all possible with Flexco product solutions for your belt conveyor systems. 

Flexco Understands Proteins

Feeding the world is no easy task for the protein industry. Flexco understands the challenges you face every day, working to reduce and prevent the occurrence of known belt conveyor issues to make your systems run more efficiently. 

Whether our representatives are walking alongside you to assess the meat, poultry, or pork falling to the ground or sticking to your belt conveyor system, or they are training you on a faster way to splice your homogenous belts to get them back up and running, you can rest assured Flexco is on your side. Our engineered food-grade cleaners and quick and easy-to-use air-cooled splice presses will reduce product waste and increase uptime at your facility, adding dollars to your bottom line. 

  • Protein Processing Conveyor Belt
  • Protein Processing Conveyor Belt
  • Protein Processing Conveyor Belt
  • Protein Processing Conveyor Belt
  • Protein Processing Conveyor Belt
  • Protein Processing Conveyor Belt
  • Protein Carry Back WasteWaste Walk Checklist

    Do you feel like you’re cleaning more meat off the belt and conveyors than you’re shipping out the door? Flexco can help. 

    Download Our Waste Walk Checklist Today!

  • Capabilities BrochureFlexco Protein Capabilities Brochure

    Are you prepared to meet the needs of the rising consumption and global demand of poultry? Do you want to stay in the know on the latest poultry industry trends and the best available solutions? 

    Flexco’s Poultry Capabilities Brochure delves into the world of poultry, giving readers key insights on the direction of the global market, opportunities for workforce education, recommendations for specific poultry applications, and much more.  

    Better address your poultry processing facility by downloading our Poultry Capabilities Brochure today. 

    Download Capabilities Brochure

  • U.S. meat production totaled 52 billion pounds in 2017. 

  • 9 billion chickens were processed in 2017. 

  • In 2016, the U.S. meat and poultry industry accounted for $1.02 trillion in total economic output, or 5.6% of GDP. 

  • The global processed meat market is expected to reach 862.97 billion USD by 2027. 

  • In 2021, global pork production was led by China, producing more than 40 million metric tons. 

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