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Coal Fired Power Plants

Coal-Fired Power Plants

Flexco provides products that maximize belt conveyor productivity and help coal-fired power plants provide energy and stay online all the time. 

Flexco Understands Coal-Fired Power Plants

Flexco understands that to provide energy without interruption, your coal-fired power plant needs the best possible performance from its feeder belts. That’s why we provide everything from tough, durable mechanical fasteners and belt cleaners to pulley lagging and impact beds to help you keep the lights on all over the world.

Flexco also has experts on staff who can develop custom transfer point solutions for your plant that improve throughput, while reducing excessive dust, plugging, combustion dangers, and more.  

  • Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • Coal-Fired Power Plants


    Coal generates around 54% of U.S. total electricity.



    China is currently the world's largest coal producer, followed by United States and India.



    Coal is mined in more than 100 countries and on all continents, except Antarctica.

Solutions for Coal-Fired Power Plants

REal Life Results

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