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Flexco Motorized Brush Cleaner Reduces Plugging and Carryback at Canadian Pulp Plant

Brush Cleaner




Cleated incline belt 


Motorized Brush Cleaner 


Decrease carryback on system 

Reduce plugging and seizing 

Conveyor Detail 

330 3-ply belting


The brush cleaner that was servicing a cleated incline belt at a pulp processing plant was not working correctly, with constant plugging that was causing carryback issues. The plugging often seized the cleaner, and the line had to be shut down to unplug the bristles so that belt damage did not occur. Even worse, because of the age of the brush, it was getting harder and harder to find replacement parts when needed.  


A visit from the Flexco traveling showroom was all it took for the maintenance team to realize they needed to make a change. After hearing about the features and benefits of the Motorized Brush Cleaner, they decided to give it a try. The uniquely patterned bristles on the cleaner help reduce material build up and clogging, while adjustable tensioners make it easy to ensure the brush is in constant contact with the belt as the bristles wear. 


After seeing how easily the Motorized Brush Cleaner discharged the pulp product, more were ordered to tackle other belts that had carryback and plugging issues. Daily cleanup has become weekly at this plant, thanks to the work of the Flexco Motorized Brush Cleaner. 

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