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Flexco Adds FGS Food Grade Secondary Cleaner to Light-Duty Belt Cleaner Lineup

Flexco recently added the FGS Food Grade Secondary Cleaner to its offering of easy-to-use light-duty belt cleaners. The self-tensioning cleaner provides constant blade-to-belt contact with limited maintenance, reducing food waste and component damage on your conveyor system with effective removal of product carryback.

The design of the FGS Secondary Cleaner makes it ideal for use in food processing and industrial baking because the cleaner is constructed with solid 304 stainless steel components and features a continuous blade made of FDA-approved food grade materials.

“The FGS Secondary Cleaner has a smooth, polished surface that discourages materials from adhering to it,” Flexco Product Manager Ramses Banda Marquez said. “There are no weld seams and no negative spaces or 90-degree crevices that can encourage bacteria growth.”

Easy assembly and disassembly

The cleaner was also designed for painless assembly and disassembly, making installation and maintenance quick and easy. Blades are designed to be cut to fit each specific application and all installation hardware, including mounting brackets, is provided.

“Installation can be done on either side of the belt, so you can work between in tight spaces,” Banda Marquez said. “Two tensioner springs are included in the box for left- or right-side installation.”

When the time comes to change a blade, there is no need to remove the cleaner from the structure. The existing blade simply snaps off and a new blade snaps into place in less than a minute.

The cleaner is also self-tensioned to minimize blade wear and belt damage and maximize cleaning efficiency, with the ability to operate with the blade trailing or leading at a variety of blade-to-belt contact angles.

“The spring tensioners, which can be mounted on either side for easy access, can be easily adjusted to ensure proper blade-to-belt contact with just a few twists of the wrench,” Banda Marquez says.

Certified to meet strict sanitary guidelines

The FGS Cleaner is designed to meet strict sanitary guidelines imposed by the food industry and is verified by the Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee (BISSC) as well as fully compliant with current EU regulation (EC) 1935/2004 for Food Contact Materials.

The FGS Cleaner is available in standard blade widths for light-duty belt from 12” to 72” (300 mm to 1829 mm), but can also be specially ordered to suit specific applications. Cleaner blades are available in white, blue, metal detectable blue, and metal detectable dual durometer blue FDA-approved food grade material.

For the ultimate in cleaning efficiency, the FGS Food Grade Secondary Cleaner, when used in conjunction with the FGP Food Grade Precleaner, provides operations with a one-two cleaning punch on their conveyor lines.

Published Date

October 13, 2020

Product Group

  • Belt Cleaning Systems