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Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver Yields Quality Splice in a Fraction of the Time

Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver


Underground Coal


Installation of SR fasteners to splice belt


Flexco® SR Rivet-Hinged Fasteners and the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver


Increased efficiency
Quality splice

Conveyor Detail

3-ply, 1350 PIW belts


A mine located in West Virginia was looking to increase the efficiency of its belt conveyor maintenance, while still obtaining a high-quality splice. They wanted to continue using Flexco® SR Rivet-Hinged Fasteners but needed a faster installation method. While hammer installation was simple and the method they were most used to, speed, splice consistency, and overall efficiency could all be improved with a better alternative.


After seeing the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver demonstrated, the belt supervisor asked if his crew could test the tool. The maintenance crew felt that the driver was fast and accurately installed consistent, high-quality splices. The supervisor claims that it is the “greatest tool he has ever seen.”


Maintenance workers noticed a significant decrease in the average splice time. When combined with the SR fasteners, the supervisor stated that the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver produces a “professionally installed splice consistently and quickly.” The supervisor also stated that the tool paid for itself within weeks. The mine has since ordered several additional units.

Product Group

  • Mechanical Belt Fastening Systems

Product Line

  • Flexco® Rivet Solid Plate Fastening System


  • Underground Mining

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